Tuesday, July 25, 2017

10 Moments when women want to have sex

Creative Pitch
If a woman loves making use of her creativity often, like for instance in cooking, kneading, painting, musically, in art or writing, then during these occasions, she finds it favorable to have sex just to drive the satisfaction to her need-fulfillment. Next time you spot that, she is busy doing something creative she likes, it would be advantageous to skid into the kitchen when she is cooking, into her room when she is writing and interrupt her creativity with a stint of sex. She will find it very enjoyable.
During her 'dry spell'
If a lady has been single for quite some time, and given that she doesn’t find one night stands enjoyable, then there are high chances that she has been looking for the right man to meet her sexual needs and put to an end her dry spell. If you note this then you might be that lucky man.
Amid stress
If your woman has been stressed up lately, she would gladly appreciate if you helped her release her stress. It may be headache stress or just other type of stress. Sex is a natural stress reliever and she would require it then. So the next time she starts to tell you tired lines be sure to tell her.
Although most women don’t find arguing romantic, after an argument they like to make up. There is nothing much better during this time than a great make-up sex. So the next time you argue, know that she would like you to come close to her, hold her, kiss her and make out.
Happy occasions
Although I have mentioned that women are turned on by anger and sadness, happiness is also another great turn on. During her joyous moments such as after graduation, after getting a new job or even after she realizes that she is pregnant, she becomes excited and eases up. Her great celebration would require great sex and she is normally set for it.
During her long-distance love
Partners who are in long distance relations miss each other sexually. As much time elapses, they start to fantasize about each other sexually. So when a woman fantasizes much about her partner, the first moment they meet would be basically about wanting to sexually consume each other. 
After a Sexy Movie
We are not talking about porn-related movies as most women do not enjoy much porn-related movies. However, they do find movies with steamy sex scenes highly enjoyable. So the next time you watch a movie together with characters like Antonio Banderas or Brad Pitt, she may have just prepared for a good sex and may be just ready to accommodate you.
Party On
Women find dancing, some liquid courage enjoyable, and hence loosening up. These activities ease the level of inhibitions in them and they get ready for sex.
Her day 14
Normally, two weeks after her periods, a woman will start to feel horny naturally. During this time, she is ready for great sex.
Jealousy sting
Be assured that it is not the psychotic jealousy or harmful-level jealousy. However, that bit of insecurity flying in when she notices that her man is being hit-on by another woman. She takes the responsibility of reminding her man why she is the one to satisfy him. So during this time, she is just ready for this sex.
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