Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dating Advice for Men: How to Flirt and Inspire Attraction on a First Date


How can you be an authentic flirt?

What I now know is that flirting can be very authentic. Especially when it’s about being charming and playful. It’s not necessarily an invitation for sex, especially before you know someone well.
It really boils down to self-confidence. When you’re feeling confident, you feel comfortable engaging with just about anyone. You flirt with the cashier, the neighbor, a baby, even your mail carrier. You exude warmth and sexiness, which is very attractive to everyone.

Learn how to flirt from pickup artists.

Google ‘how to flirt with women’. Believe it or not, pickup artists can teach you a lot about self-confidence and flirting. When my 25-year-old son wanted to get out of the friend zone with women, he learned from many pickup artists. As an introvert, flirting was out of his comfort zone.
He learned how to build rapport with women by watching these master pickup artists.
While I’m not advocating that you become a manipulative pickup artist, I am suggesting that you learn how to get your ‘game on’ and become more flirtatious and playful and less in your academic brain on a date.

Be more playful.

Practice being more playful and flirtatious in your everyday life. Flirt with the cashier at the grocery store. Tell her you like how her earrings bring out the blue in her eyes. Smile and say hello to the people you pass on the street.
It may feel inauthentic at first, but eventually, you’ll become more confident, and you’ll start putting out the vibe that you are interested in a woman for more than her brains.

Compliment her.

You mentioned that you are uncomfortable giving compliments to women, as they probably hear them all the time. I don’t believe there’s a cap on compliments—oops, you reached your limit! Most of us don’t hear them enough.
On a first date, if a man says he likes my smile, or that I look better in person than in my online dating profile, I can feel good. I sense his attraction to me. And that’s a turn-on.
However, when a man says, “I find you attractive. Are you attracted to me?” I feel his insecurity and neediness. This has actually happened on several occasions. Don’t do that!
Show a woman you’re attracted with your body language, your compliments, and your playfulness. Top it off with a kiss goodnight, and you’ll give a clear message that you’re attracted.

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