Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wild Stallion Rescued A Baby Horse From Drowning

In this cruel and selfish world, seeing compassion could be sometimes amusing. It’s just quite amazing that animals, too, have the same understanding of how to respond to things like humans.

This video will surely touch your heart and realized that animals have the thing we called, ‘humanity’. Champ, a wild stallion, saved a baby horse from drowning alone in a river where it separated from the group.

Champ and his family graze along the riverbank of the Salt River in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest. In a while, another band of wild horses arrived at the opposite bank. Along with the group are two colts playing actively. Champ, out of curiosity, decided to cross the river together with few horses and a filly to greet the newcomers.

When the group was already in the middle of the river, the strong current forced a filly of the group to be swept downstream and goes under the water for a moment. Champ followed the filly and grabbed the side of her neck but it just went over. The filly was drowning and Champ followed her. He grabbed her neck again and gently guided her back on the band. Champ never let go until he’s ensured enough that the filly was safe.
The filly returned to her mother shaking and trembling with fear, while Champ and his group continued to cross the river. He then greeted the horses on the other side and returned to his group after.

The scene feels like we are watching a directed movie, isn’t it? Such then, we can realize that horses have a gentle heart and a mind that thinks too.


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