Wednesday, August 9, 2017

12 Things All Men Need To Know Before Their First Wedding Night

First wedding night is the most important day of one’s life. So it’s better to know about it beforehand to avoid any disturbance. These are the 13 things all men need to know before their first wedding night.
1. You might only talk the entire night
First wedding night is not all about sex. But about knowing each other. Therefore, she might ask time to get to know you a little better.
2. Your bride will take at least 30 minutes to get ready
Women require time to collect their emotions. Don’t get all over her, let her take some time.
3. Things could be extremely awkward
It can get awkward at one point or the other. Because people take time to get comfortable and it’s completely normal.
4. You will have a million thoughts going in your head
Weddings are all about fear, stress and happiness. So don’t worry if your thoughts are roaming around in your head. Just relax and take it easy.
5. Some irritating friends might constantly text you
Few jerks can’t let you live. They’ll text you asking what you’re doing. Annoying, right?
6. Your wife might be on her period
The scariest nightmare of a man. But you can’t help it. And at that time all you can do is make-out. That’s all.
7. The wife might cry the entire night
Marriage is a big responsibility. You can’t just expect your girl to get in bed with you. Let her have her time.
8. Someone might try to pull pranks
The creepiest thing a human can ever do is pull pranks on newly married couples. But people still do it and unfortunately, we can’t help it.
9. You will not last for more than 30 seconds 
Unless you’re quite experienced. A virgin man can’t last more than 30 seconds.
10. You will be really tired 
All the marriage fuss really makes couples tired. So, you don’t need to rush. Take rest and do it when you’re mentally and physically ready.
11. You will wonder why your bride spent so much on her dress
Men do wonder this when they face trouble in undressing their bride’s dress. It’s a mission and a half.
12. You will have to tell people when you’re becoming a father
The most annoying thing about marriage is answering useless questions. People will ask you all sorts of shitty questions.

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