Wednesday, August 9, 2017

18 Men Problems That Women Hardly Understand!

Everybody talks about things a person does not know about girls, but very few people would have known about the issues faced by men when girls don’t understand them. Nobody ever recognized the pain of guys, they also suffer in the hands of mathematics. If you wish to know a guy inside out then you’ve come to right location. Listed below are a few issues which were cited by men that they believe it tough to know for a lady. When this question was introduced to guys “What difficulties of men’s life girls are barely conscious of?” Then the comments proven to be these 18 top obtained points.

1. Why Should We Not Ask For A Help?

Yes, it is a general rule that person can do everything by themselves and they don’t demand any help. Even guy needs help and it’s normal. If a guy needs help then why he get bizarre looks? May be that they just require a bit more time to understand that. And just a guy is a person, not a Robot!

2. Even We Love Getting Compliments Too

Even men want to hear compliments from women aside from his Mother. Ladies compliment each other all the time but when it comes to men, girls do not provide a men enough praise. If you are feeling a man is handsome then simply tell him. May be he hadn’t ever heard it in quite a very long time.

3. Why Only We Have To Make The First Move

Let us be real, it is not simple always. Come on. Dynamics are changed like several years back and still, guys need to make the initial move. Every guy believes “Why do men always need to make the first move? Ladies First! Recall?”

4.  Why Are We Expected To Be Strong Always, What About Our Sensitive Side?

“Why we’re never permitted to demonstrate our weakness?” Men also have the right to become sensitive, so they do not shout like women all of the time does not mean they’re emotionless or intended to be rough all the time. Even guys have right to shout and throw out all of his frustrations.

5. Our Inefficiency To Remember Fine Points

Women never know that it is not that guys forget things but it’s only that they don’t put same focus on little things. Men are great at films quotations, sports figures or political events, but in regards to what his woman had been wearing on their first date, how well you just can’t anticipate silly things out of him.

6. Dealing with Testicles

1 thing girls will never ever know is how it feels getting kicked in those men. A brief message each man will love to give to women will probably be “Ladies, FYI becoming your balls struck is a lot more debilitating than you can ever imagine!”

7. Never Doubt On Our Capability At Multitasking!

Why women always feel that men are not great at multitasking? Yes, even guys can cook, manage children with their homework, teach them clean and field all at exactly the exact same moment. While for a girl it’s tricky to answer a very simple query with TV on.

8. It’s Totally Fine If We Are Quiet

There’s not anything to be concerned about or consider if men decide to stay silent sometimes. Nothing is incorrect when men are silent, they do not prefer to talk all of the time like girls do.

9. Who Said Guys Have Zero Emotional Support Structure

It’s quite tough for men to manage remarks about no psychological support structure during every period of life from young to mature life. If a man mentions about his view or his actual emotion before anybody he’s got to undergo laughs and jokes.

10. We Can Not Hide Spots – Why?

In this century, lots of individuals believe “Men can’t wear makeup to even hide stains”. Why girls have all of the liberty? A celebrity can use makeup to conceal spots and look great on tv, but why can not other guys can’t use cosmetics?

11. Women Only Flirts, Never Ask Us Out

In the present time period, women do flirt with men but they don’t ask them out. Men also want whether the woman is flirting together then they ought to approach guys with no hesitation because even guys wish that girls ought to ask them outside.

12. “Be A Man!” – Cut The Crap 

What is wrong with people? Every now and then they come up with the shitty phrase saying “Be a man!”

13. We Understand Straight Talks, We Are Not Too Good With Hints 

Men don’t know or like playing with the Hint Game, they think in direct and straight talks. Get to the stage and tell them everything you want/ what you need or what you’re feeling. Don’t engage their thoughts in giving clues because guys aren’t interested in knowing any helpless hints too.

14. It’s Totally Out Of Your Imagination How We Feel About Losing Hair

For guys losing weight and getting bald gradually is really too upsetting. For a guy losing his hair gradually, the world turns upside down since one day he’s a young chap and yet another day he’s a middle aged man with decreasing hairline.

15. We Are Incredibly Anxious About Our Looks

Yes, it’s true! Men aren’t as insecure in their looks as girls think. So Ladies, never feel sorry for Men who don’t have six-pack 6-feet height since they don’t want 10/10.

16. We Actually Mean What We Say

Ladies, please know there isn’t any hidden meaning behind what guys say. They mean what they speak. It is that easy to comprehend. Men never imply more than what they state.

17. Even We Like Back Rub and Emotional Support

Why always girls expect from a guy to rub his back? A guy requires a back rub in return every once in a while out of push all of his stress away. Men also desire her mentally how girls need him.

18. Even Guys Can Be Sexually Harassed Too

It’s fact! There have been increasing cases of men being harassed and these are serious problems

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