Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cheated Wife Destroys Husband’s BMW On Video

Men of the world, never, never cheat on your women! Because angry wife is your worst enemy ever... If you are still in doubt -- just watch the video below. Video of a woman smashing a super expensive car in front shocked bystanders has recently surfaced online and already become a hit.

The unidentified took revenge on her husband, who allegedly cheated on her, in the most cruel way possible -- she destroyed the man's deeply loved BMW 740. An approximate price of the automobile is $300,000 

In the video footage taken by one of the stunned witnesses, the furious woman was seen smashing the car from the windscreen to the side of the car with a hammer for around 20 minutes. 

At one point, a security guard tried to intervene but the woman said the car was her property adding: 'This is my car, it's none of your business. This car is too dirty, a car that's used by a whore is too dirty. Who's going to open the bonnet for me? I want to smash the inside." 

When she was done taking out her frustration on the car, both the front and rear lights were broken, the hood, the four door handles were smashed and the windows were either broken or cracked. Police was notified of the incidet but it is not clear if the woman was detained. Watch video:

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