Friday, August 11, 2017

Elderly Man Carries Bag into Shelter. She Couldn’t Hold Back Tears after Seeing Inside

People all over the world do generous and selfless things each day. Many of their acts of kindness go unnoticed, but every so often someone witnesses their selflessness and wants to share it with the world.
That’s what happened when 20-year-old Madison Sorrel of Tulsa, Oklahoma saw a touching moment at the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter. Sorrel went to the shelter to adopt a dog of her own, but ended up leaving with a beautiful story as well.
While Sorrel was at the shelter, she watched an elderly gentleman walk in holding a grocery bag. Inside the plastic bag was over a dozen tennis balls.

He was donating them to the shelter so the dogs could play while waiting to find their forever family. The act seems small, but it would bring immense amounts of joy to the animals at the shelter.
Seeing this, Sorrel snapped a photo of the man. She posted it to Twitter, explaining that the man was making the donation to the shelter in memory of his own beloved pet.
The internet reacted joyously to this man’s kindness. He was an excellent example that you are never too old to show love and care to others.
Many people even mentioned how much more selfless his deed was, considering the loss of his own pet. Though no one would blame the man for grieving in his own way, he decided to use his loss as a way to bless others.
Sorrel was not able to find the man himself afterwards, but was contacted by his family members. He is aware of his new internet fame, though he was not expecting to even be noticed when he made the donation.
Sorrel is also shocked at the reaction to her post. Hopefully it serves as a reminder that shelters, like the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter, are in need of donations of any size as well as volunteers.
Sorrel and her boyfriend ended up adopting a poodle mix puppy from the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter. Their adorable little pup is a perfect example of the loving and friendly animals that are looking for homes all over the country.
Whether you are able to adopt like Sorrel, donate like the elderly gentleman, or give of your time like the volunteers at the shelter, it all makes a great difference in the lives of thousands of animals. Who knows? Someone could want to share your act of kindness with the world, too!

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