Sunday, August 27, 2017

20 Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Ever have a conversation that goes like this...?
"What do you want to do this weekend?"
*Shoulder shrug*
"I dunno, whatta you wanna do?"
*Shoulder shrug and sigh*
"I dunno; there's nothing to ever do around here."
Here's a list to help free you from boredom.
  1. Go to the movies
  2. Going for a bike rideFun Things To Do This Weekend Bike Ride
  3. Read a book 
  4. Go swimming
  5. Go to the park
  6. Watch the sunsetFun Things To Do This Weekend Watch The Sunset
  7. Play card games with friends or family
  8. Go to the museum or zoo
  9. Pretend You're a tourist in your community
  10. Rearrange the furniture in Your house
  11. Put together a puzzle
  12. Volunteer to babysit for someone
  13. Go bowlingFun Things To Do This Weekend Go Bowling
  14. Help someone in need
  15. Go camping
  16. Go clothes shopping
  17. Dance until dawnFun Things To Do This Weekend Dance
  18. Get involved in community sports.
  19. Teach yourself how to juggle.
  20. Take some digital photographs.

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