Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Man Attends Boy’s Funeral In Spider Man Suit, When He Takes Off The Mask…Everyone Cries

It has been over a year since this death, but the hurt never leaves a parent’s heart.
In a heart-breaking story from Fort Worth, Texas a little boy is given the send off he deserves. 5 year old, Joshua, drowned in a swimming pool in his backyard and the responding officer, Damon Cole, did everything he could to save the little boy. Cole was unsuccessful in his efforts and Joshua was gone.
Officer is superhero at boy's funeral
During Joshua’s funeral, a guest had dressed up as Spiderman. Only when they took off their mask did all the guests realize it was Damon. During his failed resuscitation, Damon had noticed that the boy was wearing a Spiderman T-shirt and Spiderman shoes. He understood that the masked superhero was the boy’s favorite.
Officer is superhero at boy's funeral
Unable to get the boy’s memory out of his head, Damon decided to honor him at his funeral by showing up as his favorite superhero. Now, it is no easy task for a grown man to wear a tight superhero costume, in front of so many strangers. Many are viewing what Damon did as a touching act and Joshua’s family have said that his actions have helped them cope a little better. They even called him to to the front during the funeral to thank him. This officer went above and beyond the call of duty in order to help this family. Law enforcement officers see so many bad things happen every day and it sometimes changes the way they see the world. We are so glad that Damon knows there is still good in the world, even if you have to make it yourself! He sure brightened this gloomy day with his sweet, heartfelt gesture.

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