Saturday, August 26, 2017

The True Secret To Being Happy That Actually Works

The True Secret To Being Happy
In life, usually, what is standing between ourselves and true happiness is the desire for things we do not have or cannot get/achieve. We’re far too invested in the “what could be’s” rather than the “what is” and, this, leads us to become severely unhappy and unsatisfied.
Just think about it –
In your career, you’re constantly wondering what life would be like in a better-paid position, a higher ranked position or in a position with a better boss.
In your relationship, you’re constantly comparing your state of love with other people around you, or, comparing where you are at with fictional characters (sure, we’d all like someone like Noah to build us a huge house).
In your friendships, you’re constantly feeling FOMO, wondering if people are leaving you out or why they don’t open up to you and confide in you more.
In your finances, you’re constantly wishing you had more money, better security – basically, we all want to be rich.
But – at the end of the day, these feelings and yearnings are standing in between ourselves and true happiness. Sure, it would be lovely to be dating someone who looks like Ryan Gosling in a mansion, working from home and having our best friends call us every five minutes – but it’s unrealistic. And, if you’re constantly wondering what life would be like if it were “society’s version of perfect,” you’ll never be satisfied and comfortable with what you have right now.
So, how can you fix the burning sensation of wanting more?
Easily – just realize how absolutely awful every one of those things are. No, I’m serious.
Having a better position at work may make you more money, but it comes with much more work and responsibility – which means less time for yourself or happy hour. Being in a “perfect” relationship may seem ideal, but in reality, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship and you’re bound to feel the need to “compare” no matter what (it’s a curse). Having your friends constantly confide in you is a great feeling, but also, you’re always being rung on the phone or texts at all hours of the night for help – and, it’s a lot of pressure. Being rich seems great and all, but you’ll have nothing to strive for or work towards, and, you’ll most likely be bored.
While you may disagree with me on some of those points, the simple fact is, if you look at everything you don’t have in life as “less than” or “worse than” what you do have, you can actually realize – you are blessed.
Sure, you may not have all the money in the world, the most friends or the best job – but you are alive, breathing and have people surrounding you who do care and love you. I know it’s cliché to say this – but, my Grandmother always told me if I have food on my plate throughout the day, a dollar in my wallet and a man to keep me warm at night – I should be smiling from ear to ear.
And, I agree with her. The more we think about things we don’t have, the more unhappy we are. If everyone just stopped and counted the 5-10 things they were most grateful for every day, they would realize – hey, I’m actually rich beyond belief. Rich in love, friendship, blessings, and substance.
You should try it.
How do i be happy
How can be happy in my life?

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